Best Lubes to Use With Condoms

The truth is sex a much better without condoms. However, you really get a pleasure boost by using the right personal lubricant for the job.

As long as you are using a silicone based or water based lube you are good to go. Don’t use lubes containing any oils (cooking, baby, coconut, mineral), petroleum jelly, lotions, cold creams, butter, cocoa butter, and margarine.

Below are the best lubricants to use with condoms.

Top Picks Personal Lubricants for Condoms

#1 K-Y Ultragel Lubricant 

k-y ultragel best lube for condoms

The K-Y Ultragel is the perfect lube to use with condoms for it has that jelly texture which is not too thick, but just enough to let you apply over the condom nicely. You don’t have to worry about spilling out and stain your sheets. It really feels good from the penetration level all the way to the end.

Other great points in favor of the K-Y is that it doesn’t have a smell, doesn’t irritate sensitive skin, and doesn’t get too sticky. One throwback you might have is that if you are using this as an anal lube, you will need to reapply often as it will get absorbed quickly. But overall, this is a winner.


#2 Astroglide Gel Lubricant 
astroglide gel lube for condoms

As the K-Y Ultragel, this is a thick formula, but it works really well. This Astroglide Gel is one of the best personal lubricants on the market no matter the intended used. I can be used as an anal lube as well as when experiencing vaginal dryness and on sex toys.

This is the Led Zepplin of lubes, a veritable supernova of slippery goodness, probably the sole reason that both parties can really enjoy the back door pleasures. However, just like the K-Y, it tends to dry out a bit fast, but no so much on condoms, which is what you need.


Best Lubes to Use With Condoms
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