Best Organic Lubricants

There are many reasons to opt for an organic lubricant.  Many of us care about what we expose our bodies to, inside and out.  If you opt for a healthy diet and seek out health-oriented or organic beauty products, why would lube be any different? For those who don’t think it should be, here’s our review of three of the top organic personal lubricants out there.

Best All Natural Lubricants

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Organicglide Probiotic All Natural Personal Lubricant

organic glide best natural lubricant

Organicglide probiotic oil based personal lubricant isn’t designed only for intimacy and soothing vaginal dryness. It’s also supposed to impart other health benefits, like strengthening the immune system and minimizing allergies.


Like Aloe Cadabra, and Viamax, Organicglide is free of glycerine and parabens. It’s an all-natural lubricant that gets its silky, creamy texture from a variety of organic oils.  It’s long lasting and never sticky, plus the probiotic aspect supposedly supports vaginal and urinary tract health. It’s a great organic lube for those who need a natural lubricant that can really hold up. It’s also an exceptional vaginal moisturizer, as well.


The ‘oil’ in oil-based is very noticeable here. While the actual product is quite thick, nearly a cream, it melts in contact with body heat to produce what is essentially the consistency of vegetable oil. When using it for play or with a partner, the unusual texture and need for sometimes extensive clean up (if you use a lot) can be a bit of a turn-off.

Aloe Cadabra, Organic Personal Lubricant

aloe cadabra organic lubeAloe Cadabra is an organic lubricant that’s designed to be gentle in every way. It’s 95% aloe, doctor recommended, and doubles as a vaginal moisturizer.


Aloe Cadabra is one of the best natural lubricants out there, especially for those who prefer products with understandable ingredients. It’s 95% aloe in every tube, making it perhaps the most down-to-earth natural personal lubricant available. It’s pleasantly scented, and doesn’t have the stickiness that seems to plague typical water-based lubes. It’s extremely popular as a vaginal moisturizer as well, to fight any sort of dryness, including that brought on by menopause.


While 95% organic aloe is pretty great if you obsess over ingredient lists, there’s no denying that it just doesn’t have the staying power you’d find in a lube that contains silicone or, like most other water based lubes, glycerine. Its moisturizing abilities are top notch, but when it comes to marathon play sessions, solo or with a partner, you’ll want to reapply frequently.

Viamax Organic Glide – Organic and Oil Based Lubricant

Viamax Organic Glide natural personal lubricantViamax Organic Glide is free of glycerine, parabens, petroleum, and preservatives. It’s recommended by gynaecologists and other physicians. Finally, it’s formulated using ancient knowledge from the Greek and Egyptian cultures—and it still stand up today. It’s a truly traditional, effective natural lubricant.


Like Organicglide, Viamax is an oil based lubricant, and it is similarly thick. It comes in a truly appealing pump bottle that looks much like a top of the line lotion bottle. Unlike Organicglide, it’s scentless. While Organicglide’s pleasant scent is also a pro, I tend to prefer lubes with no scent or flavour so I can wear whatever scent I’d like without it clashing.


It’s extremely fast at absorbing into your skin. While this is fantastic in terms of hydrating your skin (it’s probably the best of the three listed here for vaginal moisturizing!) it’s pretty inconvenient for any sort of extended session.

Best Organic Lubricants
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