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Astroglide vs K-Y Lubricant Comparison Review

When you’re shopping around for a new lube, it seems like every single one makes similar promises. You won’t get very far just reading labels if you want to know how one lube stacks up against another. Astroglide and K-Y Lubricant are two of the most popular

Should You Use Coconut Oil As Personal Lubricant?

The idea of coconut oil being a semi-miraculous multi-purpose ingredient is hardly a new one—everyone from health nuts to beauty bloggers to low carb connoisseurs seems to have found a use for the stuff.  So, does it turn out that coconut oil might have a place on

Should You Use Petroleum Jelly As Lube?

This is a question that is often asked by more people daily than one would think. Whether inquiring due to financial constraints, the alleviation of friction during sex or due to previous use…. questions about petroleum jelly are frequent. Therefore, the following will expressly answer this query

How to Make Your Own Lube for Sex – 3 Recipes

If you’re a do it yourself junkie, you know that there’s a DIY alternative for pretty much any product you can buy commercially. Well, personal lubricants are no different. Here are three recipes you can use to learn how to make your own lube, along with a

Using Vaseline As Lube: Pros And Cons

Among the top things that are indispensable for most couples and individuals who face difficulties during sexual intercourse or masturbation is personal lubricants. There has always been a bone of contention on whether to use Vaseline as lube or not. This lubricant is made of 100 percent

Everything on using baby oil as lube

Personal lubricants commonly referred to as lubes offer a welcome solution to women who do not lubricate enough to ensure a good sexual experience. They also serve to reduce friction between partners’ body parts during sexual intercourse. Sometimes you and your partner are in the middle of