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What’s the best lube for anal sex?

I hope you’ll agree with me when I say: Anal sex is amazing when it’s painless, smooth and your partner wants it as much as you do …  Finding the best anal lube for you is the first step of the journey. It’s literally the key to enjoying anal

Best Lubes to Use With Condoms

The truth is sex a much better without condoms. However, you really get a pleasure boost by using the right personal lubricant for the job. As long as you are using a silicone based or water based lube you are good to go. Don’t use lubes containing

What are the best lube brands?

Personal lubricants might not be as exciting as a toy with a half dozen attachments, or a sexy role play outfit, or scandalous lingerie—but it’s arguably more important when it comes down to really getting down to business. Nothing is more unfortunate than having to cut a

The Best Flavored Lubes for a Tasteful Sexual Experience

Playtime with your partner is sometimes enhanced by adding something slippery to reduce friction. But as much as we love the slippery fun of lube, sometimes the taste or smell leaves something to be desired. Or, maybe we just want to make things a little sweeter and

Best Organic Lubricants

There are many reasons to opt for an organic lubricant.  Many of us care about what we expose our bodies to, inside and out.  If you opt for a healthy diet and seek out health-oriented or organic beauty products, why would lube be any different? For those

What’s the best lubricant for women? Top 5 Reviews

Whether you’re a lady up for some solo play, you want to add some spice to your sex life with your partner, or you just need a little very personal moisturizer, we’ve taken the time to review some of the market’s most popular products to find the