Everything on using baby oil as lube

Personal lubricants commonly referred to as lubes offer a welcome solution to women who do not lubricate enough to ensure a good sexual experience. They also serve to reduce friction between partners’ body parts during sexual intercourse.

Sometimes you and your partner are in the middle of business and you find out that you are out of your favorite lubricant. Looking to improvise, you reach out for what seems like the next best thing; baby oil. This practice has probably been popularized by the adult entertainment industry. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of baby oil as a lubricant.

Using baby as lube advantages

Although the cons outweigh the pros when it comes to using baby oil as lube, it does have some considerable advantages. For many people, its main advantage is its ready availability. Nearly everyone has a bottle of baby oil lying around in their house.

You probably do not have to postpone sexual intercourse to go out and look for it when you find yourselves in the heat of the moment. Moreover, it is extremely cheap costing well under four dollars. Baby oil is versatile, not only is it used for easing penetration but can be used to provide sensual moisturizing massage to your partner. This is not to mention the skincare benefits it has. However, this only applies to skin away from your sexual organs.

Additionally, baby oil is not absorbed by the body since it is an oil based product. The biggest benefit of all is perhaps the fact that it does not interfere with sexual sensation thus offering optimum pleasure. You also do not have to keep applying to during sexual intercourse like water based lubricants.

Disadvantages of using baby oil as a personal lubricant

Baby oil is an oil based product that can either be produced from mineral oil, vegetable oil or petrolatum. As such baby oil should not be applied as lube when you are using condoms. The oil disintegrates latex, polyutherane, gel and rubber; which are common materials used to make condoms. It makes condoms lose up to 90% of their strength in addition to causing multiple holes.

Because of this, baby oil can cause condom breakages and leakages leading to unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. Baby oil harbors germs and potentially hazardous bacteria inside the woman’s vagina. Since the inner parts of the vagina cannot be cleaned, accumulation of the oil may result in a variety of conditions such as bacterial vaginitis and pelvic inflammatory disease.

Additionally, baby oil may promote the growth of vaginal yeasts and results in minor irritation of the woman’s sexual organs. If that is not enough, using baby oil as lube clogs the pores in the genital area of the skin leading to outbreaks of skin infections.

It is important to keep in mind that baby oil is not designed for lubricant use and in no way is it advisable to employ it to that effect. The bottom line here is that although using baby oil as lube may seem like a good idea, you should definitely drop the habit. The costs greatly outweigh the possible benefits. The best lubricants are ideally the water based or silicone based ones such as Astroglide, Maximus, KY jelly and Wet platinum.

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Everything on using baby oil as lube
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