Liquid Silk Lube Review with Promo Code

After trying like a dozen varieties of lubes, I found that the Liquid Silk lube is one of the best personal lubricants on the market. Most of the others lubes are either too sticky or too messy, last for just a while, and I even suspect that one of them gave my partner and I a severe yeast infection. Liquid Silk Lube is a product of Body Wise Limited. It is a water based lubricant that is compatible with both sex toys and condoms and thus regarded as one of the best there is. Since most physicians recommend the use of water-based lubricants for all types of sexual activities, I find Liquid Silk to be the ideal lube for all my needs.

Liquid Silk Lube review


Liquid silk is more of a lotion than a personal lubricant because it is perfect for solo play, vaginal and even anal sex. It is super easy to apply since you only need to press the top of its bottle to let the lube out. And since it’s of high quality, you only use a few drops to make friction your best friend. Unlike the products I used to struggle with, liquid silk lasts longer than you would imagine because it has a very efficient slipperiness.

Instead of glycerin which increases the yeast production, Liquid Silk contains propylene glycol. For this reason, this product has continued to gain popularity, especially among the women who are susceptible to yeast infections. In fact, it impedes the spread of the yeast and other bacteria infections in and around the intimate parts. The best bit is that it does not cause itchiness.

One of the things that irritate me most about the sub-standard lubes is that they are tacky and sticky. Liquid Silk lube is non-sticky and thus does not stain your bedding not to mention that its bottle is designed in a way that you can even grab it when in the act. Note that this product was the first water based lubricant to solve the issue of a tacky feeling on the skin. Cleaning up when done is trouble-free because all you need is some warm water and soap.

Some of the other uses of Liquid Silk include if:

  • You are in your menstrual period
  • Experiencing vaginal dryness
  • You are a nursing mother
  • In your menopausal stage
  • Under a form of medication that hinders the production of natural vaginal lube

Pros of using Liquid Silk lube

  • It has a creamy consistency
  • It is tasteless and odorless
  • Compatible with latex and non-latex condoms
  • It is glycerin-free
  • Leaves no residue
  • Moisturizes the skin efficiently
  • Can be used for anal sex, vaginal sex and masturbation
  • Suitable for full body massage
  • Has a unique non-tacky formula
  • Has a natural feeling


  • It is not compatible with silicone adult toys
  • Contains preservatives known as parabens which may not be friendly to every user
  • It has a distinctly bitter taste

Liquid Silk is a lube that is worth trying considering all the benefits you stand to gain. I tried it once, and I have never looked back since then.


Liquid Silk Lube Review with Promo Code
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