Pre Seed Lubricant Review

Pre-Seed personal lubricant

Pre-Seed lubricant is a very unique product. While there are numerous lubricants out there that are formulated to reduce the chance of conception—by design—this is the first that’s been formulated specifically to make conception easier. What many people don’t know when they start out trying to conceive is that even non-spermicidal lubricants can sometimes interfere with sperm’s motility. That’s a huge bummer, especially trying to conceive is stressing you out, or you just like a little extra slipperiness for fun.  Well, now you don’t have to give that up—that’s what Pre-Seed is for!

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Well, an obvious big “pro” is the fact that Pre-Seed helps keep the little guys swimming until they reach their destination.  But it’s also supposed to perform as a lubricant, right?

Pre-Seed lubricant’s thickness and texture have been formulated to be as much like the natural thing as possible, which many people find appealing.  It’s also odourless, which is great. For many people, the chemical scent that comes along with certain less natural lubes can be a huge turn-off. No worries there with Pre-Seed.

Another major pro: The packaging is top notch. First of all, it comes in a tube, which is one of the methods we most prefer.  There’s nothing worse than a spill-able, hard plastic bottle that’s impossible to navigate with one slippery hand! And you get a bonus with Pre-Seed—a number of disposable applicators for internal use. Score! Most other lubes don’t come with anything like that.


We’ll cut to the chase: It just doesn’t stay the course.  And you can’t get around that by using tons to start with, either, because it doesn’t stay put.  Now, if you’re going for a long session, you can reapply in the recommended amounts, and it’ll hold up, but that can be a buzzkill.  Silicone lubes like Swiss Navy stay put way longer. We think this might be a side effect of the texture of Pre-Seed; its natural texture is great, but you just can’t expect it to stay put or last as long.

Second, and this one is more a matter of taste—literally. It has a slight flavour. Now, granted, it’s not a dealbreaker for a lot of people, but if you like flavourless lubes or those that have an added (delicious!) flavour, this will be a bit of a disappointment.


We love Pre-Seed lubricant for the very special niche it fills, and for doing an above average job as a personal lubricant. It’s not going to stand the test of multi-hour sessions (at least not without taking breaks to reapply), but we can’t really be too hard on it for that—that’s not really what it’s for!

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Pre Seed Lubricant Review
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