Should You Use Petroleum Jelly As Lube?

This is a question that is often asked by more people daily than one would think. Whether inquiring due to financial constraints, the alleviation of friction during sex or due to previous use…. questions about petroleum jelly are frequent. Therefore, the following will expressly answer this query for you.

Petroleum Jelly Basics

It is well known that petroleum jelly is a hygroscopic substance, meaning that repels water. Due to this fact, it is (technically) labelled as an oil based lubricant. It is widely considered to be one of the very best options for lip therapy, cosmetics, and beauty, minor burns, dry skins, scrapes as well as chaffing and more. Additionally, petroleum jelly tends to melt at 37 degrees C (99 degrees F), which is rather close to the average body temperature of a human being. Therefore, after a few minutes after applying it, the heat of the body will allow it to melt into an oily liquid that closely resembles that of a lube that is Silicone based.

While in the oily form, petroleum jelly is capable of working like a lube. Even with that being said, it does need to be noted that during sexual intercourse there is a great deal of friction. Therefore, the following information regarding petroleum jelly as a lube should be closely weighed BEFORE use.

Why Petroleum Jelly Works Well as a Lube

The following shows why petroleum jelly is able to work as a lubricant during sexual activity.

Note: Vaseline is made of 100% petroleum jelly

Void of Stigma

Unlike personal or anal lubricants that are sold over the counter, when purchasing petroleum jelly, no one knows why you are making the purchase. There is no chance that you will incur snide comments or uncomfortable glances, which will keep you at ease and as private as you desire to be.


Petroleum jelly as a lube is quite thick, which allows for it to remain in place during sexual activity. This is an attribute that is void in lubricants that are water based. Additionally, the thickness allows for it to be long-lasting without being absorbed into the skin.

Readily Available

This is a product that can be found virtually everywhere. Therefore, you will never be in a position that you will be unable to locate the lubrication that you need or desire.

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Drawbacks of using petroleum jelly as lube for sex

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly

As you will note below, petroleum jelly has more cons than it does pros in regards to it being used as a personal lubricant. They are as follows:


Anyone that has ever utilized petroleum jelly knows that it is quite tacky or sticky once applied and can leave you feeling a bit gross.


Once the jelly melts due to body temperature, it becomes quite oily and will afford users with a slick feeling that can become uncomfortable. It also needs to be noted that it can transfer to clothing, sheets, etc. during the course of sex.


The oily nature of the substance can cause it to stain items that it comes in contact with when using petroleum jelly as a lubricant.


Petroleum jelly cannot be completely cleaned, especially from the anus. Due to this fact, it can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria, which can lead to infections.

Damages Latex

Latex condoms and petroleum jelly are NOT friends. Petroleum jelly actually causes latex, with time, to disintegrate. Basically, the use of petroleum jelly as a lube causes a traditional latex condom to become weak, exposing users to sexually transmitted diseases.

Hard to Clean

Due to the fact that petroleum jelly repels water and remains in place, it is expressly difficult to clean once it has been placed in any orifice. The use of cold water causes the issue to worsen. Soap and warm water are unable to completely remove the substance. It will take a great deal of scrubbing for the substance to be removed and the scrubbing can lead to skin irritation.

To conclude

It is best to obtain a lubricant that has been expressly designed for sexual activity as opposed to using petroleum jelly as a lube.


Should You Use Petroleum Jelly As Lube?
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