The Best Flavored Lubes for a Tasteful Sexual Experience

Playtime with your partner is sometimes enhanced by adding something slippery to reduce friction. But as much as we love the slippery fun of lube, sometimes the taste or smell leaves something to be desired. Or, maybe we just want to make things a little sweeter and more delicious, especially for oral sex. Either way, having the best flavored lube (also referred to as edible lubricant) is a great solution!


Aloe CadabraPina Colada, Lavender$$4.3
Crazy GirlCupcake, Cotton Candy$$4.6
Jo H2o Flavored LubeVanilla Cream, Chocolate, Banana$$4.2
Maple HolisticsSensual Berry$4.1
Doc Johnson Candiland SensualsFive Flavors$3.4

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Review of the best flavored lubes

Jo H2o Flavored Lube, Vanilla Cream

best flavored lube

The entire Jo H2o line is well loved by its fans. The company specializes in making safe, high quality, cost effective lubes that do exactly what they’re supposed to. So it’s really no surprise that this is one of the best tasting lube experiences I’ve ever had.


The flavor is called Vanilla Cream, and it certainly lives up to that claim. In fact, the scent and flavor are so rich, it could easily be compared to the smell of freshly baking vanilla cupcakes. It has all of the versatility of water based lubes, with an added flavor boost. And, like most of Jo H2o’s products, it performs well.


There’s not much to complain about here. With extended use, Jo H2o Vanilla Cream does tend to get a bit on the sticky side, although this is easily alleviated by applying a bit more.

Body Kiss Flavored Edible Massage Cream

body kiss best edible lube

Don’t be fooled by the name, Body Kiss’s massage creams are definitely intended for use as lube. This water-based lotion-like lube is different than what most people think of when they’re looking for the best edible lube, and that’s exactly why we’ve included it on this list.


Think strawberry ice cream, or strawberry shortcake—the flavor of Body Kiss is somewhere in between them.  It’s a velvety soft, slippery thick lube that stays where it’s put, and can double as a lotion or an actual massage cream. It doesn’t get sticky, and it leaves your skin soft and strawberry scented. Easily one of the best flavored lubes used.


Body Kiss doesn’t get sticky or “dry up” but it is absorbed into the skin much like a lotion, so it can take a little extra application to get things going.

Sasmar Personal Lubricant, Strawberry

Sasmar edible lubricant

Sasmar is a pH balanced, sugar-free, FDA approved water-based lube that’s popular around the world. This version offers something extra: the sweet taste of strawberries.


Sasmar’s personal edible lubricant is silky and smooth, like all of Sasmar’s various lubricant offerings. It’s relatively long lasting, and it doesn’t get sticky.  Being water-based, that means that Sasmar is a great addition to almost any bedroom activity, as it won’t interfere with the efficacy of condoms, or damage your toys, and it probably won’t stain anything.  It’s packaged in a very convenient, easy to use dispenser. It has a very light, subtle flavor that many people love.


While its light flavor is a plus for many people, the taste of Sasmar just isn’t what we’d expect when testing flavored lubricants. It’s so subtle that you can actually taste the lube itself. It’s nothing that would ruin the night, but if you really wanted to indulge in a juicy, strawberry flavored rendezvous, you might be better off with another choice.  This is a very polarizing lube—people either consider it the best flavored lube they’ve ever had, or feel it really leaves a lot to be desired in terms of taste.

The Best Flavored Lubes for a Tasteful Sexual Experience
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