Using Vaseline As Lube: Pros And Cons

Among the top things that are indispensable for most couples and individuals who face difficulties during sexual intercourse or masturbation is personal lubricants. There has always been a bone of contention on whether to use Vaseline as lube or not. This lubricant is made of 100 percent petroleum jelly and has a broad array of uses including sex because it can add lubrication thereby reducing friction. Here are some of the advantages of using Vaseline as lube:

It is hydrophobic

Vaseline is a hydrophobic substance meaning that it doesn’t break down when exposed to moist conditions. When warmed, this lubricant becomes more oil-like providing even better slickness that is handy for various positions. Unlike the water-based lubricants that dry out causing you to reapply them during intercourse, Vaseline does not. Some people have even confessed that they felt better using this lubricant than using other lubricants such as Nooky lube or even the renowned K-Y jelly.

Inexpensive and easily accessible

Finding this product is quite easy and costs less compared to other types of lubes. Since most people use Vaseline regularly for their bodies, the need to buy a new pack for sexual intercourse is eliminated making it even cheaper.

Thick in texture

Vaseline is thick in texture making it vital for lubrication. A scoop of it is enough since it does not dry out like other lubes especially those that are water-based.


This lubricant has a soft touch that is essential for enhancing pleasure.

Sticks longer

Vaseline has a sticky effect meaning that it does not flow. It clings to whichever part you apply it, and only spreads if you choose to disperse it.

Does not contain glycerin

Glycerin can cause irritation to different types of skin and may therefore not be suitable for a lubricant. For those who get affected by glycerin, they may find Vaseline to be an ideal lube.

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Cons of using vaseline as lube

Incompatible with latex condoms

Using Vaseline as a lubricant with a latex condom can make it to tear. Petroleum-based products such as Vaseline break down latex and polyurethane. Vaseline is therefore not suitable for use with the most condoms available in the market. As an alternative, you can consider using high-quality water based lubes because they work just fine with the latex condoms.

Messy, sticky and difficult to clean up

Vaseline can get sticky and messy causing discomfort. It may therefore not be slippery compared to the best silicone or water based lubricants. Besides, petroleum jelly products are hard to clean. Getting it off your penis or vagina may not be the easiest task.

Can accelerate infections

Various studies have linked petroleum jelly with the growth of yeast which causes severe infections. A link between this product to bacterial vaginosis and pelvic inflammatory disease has also been established, rendering it unsuitable. For this reason, experts recommend the use of alternative lubricants to avoid getting such diseases. The silicon based lubes or the water- based lubes, for example, gives those women who are prone to yeast infections a greater chance.

The choice of lubes trickles down to your personal preferences as well as the sensitivity of the ingredients used. If using Vaseline as lube works for you, then you should go for it, but if it doesn’t, you can ponder the use of other alternatives.

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Using Vaseline As Lube: Pros And Cons
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