Wet Lubricant Review

Wet Lubricant (Original) is designed to be an all-around great water-based lube. For the most part, it succeeds handily. Of course, there’s still a bit of room for improvement. Here’s my experience with this very popular all-purpose lubricant.

wet original lubricant review

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Wet Lubricant is a well-known name in the marketplace. It’s thicker than liquid lubes but not as thick as most lube claiming to be “gels.” It’s exceptionally slippery. Wet Lubricant also has no noticeable odor or flavor (it has a very slight sweet taste), so it’s suitable for all sorts of play. Being a water-based lube, it’s safe for use with your silicone toys, condoms, and pretty much everything else, too.

It comes in a super convenient large size bottle, with a built in pump, so there’s no fumbling around with slippery hands and a flip top or something, even more, inconvenient. Its main ingredient is glycerin, which is gentle and non-irritating to the vast majority of users.


While Wet Lubricant has more slippery texture than some other water-based lubes, like Pre-Seed, it comes at a price that some people aren’t willing to pay. First, there have been numerous reports that it can stain fabrics although it’s advertised as non-staining.

These reports claim it causes dark spots that don’t disappear after washing, much like an oil, although it’s oil free.  When it comes to washing it off the human body, there are a few hang-ups as well. As long as it’s not sticky, it rinses away as easily as a typical water-based formula. However, when it’s in its sticky phase, it takes soap and a scrub, not unlike silicone lubes. Which brings us to the biggest con with this lube: stickiness.  Water-based lubes have a reputation for drying out too quickly, which Wet Lubricant avoids. However, it does get very sticky, almost gooey, pretty quickly.


Wet Lubricant is a great all-around water-based lube, especially for its competitive pricing. It does take some reapplication especially if you are using it as an anal lube, but it has a built in pump and easy to handle bottle that mitigates that. If you plan to get a bit messy, test it on an inconspicuous part of any fabrics that might end up in the line of fire.

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Wet Lubricant Review
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